Trademark Policy

To use the EscrowXchange trademark and product name, you are required to follow these guidelines, and in general use it in a fair and accurate manner. If changes are made to these guidelines, you will be required to update your usage to adhere to these guidelines within a commercially reasonable timeframe. EscrowXchange exclusively owns any goodwill generated by the use of EscrowXchange trademarks.

EscrowXchange has the sole right to restrict use of its trademark and product name at any time, regardless of adherence to brand guidelines, if in EscrowXchange’s judgement the use is misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, or obscene.

  • Brand Guidelines
    • Follow the EscrowXchange Brand Guides
    • Never use EscrowXchange in the plural or possessive form
    • Never use EscrowXchange trademark generically in referring to the broader product category.
  • Specifically restricted uses
    • Removing, distorting or altering any element of EscrowXchange trademarks or branding.
    • Shortening, abbreviating, or using acronyms out of EscrowXchange trademarks.
    • Combining your trademark or product name, visually or in text, with any EscrowXchange trademark.
    • Indicating EscrowXchange is endorsing or promoting your trademark or product.
    • Registering EscrowXchange trademarks as or incorporated in social media account names, or aliases.
  • EscrowXchange Trademarks

    EscrowXchange trademarks include the following list. The absence of any EscrowXchange trademark, product name, service name, or any other name from this list does not waive EscrowXchange intellectual property rights.

    The EscrowXchange logo and name is ® Registered in the Canada and The United States with registrations pending elsewhere. The ® Registered mark shall only be used in Canada and The United States until registrations are completed elsewhere.

For general inquiries, or to report potentially prohibited use please contact